Founded in 2004, Guncoat Northwest is your one stop tattoo shop for firearms and accessories.

We specialize in high end, unique finishes for firearms and related accessories and stress thorough part preparation before any paint ever hits the surface.

One color coatings for function, durability and cleanliness.

Complex multicolor patterns to suit your needs.

Custom infusion of graphics and text to make a project completely one of a kind.


To provide artistic, functional coatings to firearms that will last a lifetime


Coatings for:

  • Shotgun News 60th Anniversary Cover
  • 7th Group Special Forces
  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Canby Police Department
  • West Linn Police Department
  • Salem Police Department
  • Coffee Creek Corrections
  • DynCorp
  • Oregon National Guard
  • Clackamas County Sheriffs Department
  • USIA
  • Gleukos Endurance Drinks
  • Doug Koenig
  • Jerry Miculek
  • Iain Harrison (future sponsorship)
  • MGM Ironman Match Sponsor
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Professional Hunters, Shooters and Sportsmen and Women Worldwide
  • Recoil Magazine – Issue 13


07 FFL – Coatings, Transfers, Modifications to AR platforms
*We exclusively use Duracoat and NIC Industries Coatings*
All finishes applied by hand for a precise, durable finish you can be proud of.


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Email - sales@guncoat.com

Phone - +1.503.650.0502

Website - http://www.guncoat.com

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