At Guncoat Northwest we pride ourselves in delivering the finest firearms coatings available. This is how we meet the needs of some of the most discerning shooters in the world.



Attention To Detail

We do all our coatings by hand: from simple one color coatings to the most complex patterns in the industry. And it’s in the complex patterns that GCNW excels.


For instance, our digital is quite a bit different from some of the other digital coatings on the market. We input the pattern into our computer system and then extract each color to make precise stencils. The shapes are then applied with a technique that keeps the digital shapes in the same correlation as found on the fabric. The result is a pattern that is incredibly accurate and looks great.


All of the small parts are hand selected for specific colors to fit into the pattern and give the firearm a clean, professional look.

Unique Finishes

We take incredible measures to mimic patterns as well as develop unique ones to meet client needs. All of our coatings can be customized by utilizing different colors, patterns and scale to meet a client’s needs.


With a graphics database of dozens of designs, shooters can pick from stock images or submit their own text and graphics. Guncoat then incorporates the logos throughout the pattern for a completely unique final product. The level of precision and detail is unparalleled and leaves the options limitless.


Guncoat Northwest Infusion coatings are available in a multitude of patterns including Multicam, USMC Marpat Digital, Army ACU, GCNW Shadowflage, and GCNW Flat Dark Storm. Additionally, Guncoat Northwest will develop new patterns to suit client needs and infuse selected graphics.


Available Coatings

The coatings products that we use are Lauer Custom Weaponry’s Duracoat and NIC Industries Cerakote. Our staff are certified in both Duracoat and Cerakote and have taken extensive training courses at the respective manufacturer headquarters.


Duracoat is a two part chemical epoxy coating. It is extremely tough and resistant to corrosion. We apply it to spec which is .25 to 1.5 mils. This thin spec maintains a firearm’s tight tolerances as well as retain critical serial numbers. It can withstand temperatures as high as 500-600 degrees F.


Cerakote is a ceramic coating with incredibly high heat threshold. We recommend it for use on Class III machine guns, suppressors, and any other application where temps can soar about 1000 degrees F.