Handgun Pricing

Single Color
Single color $165
Mag floor plates $5 each
Two Tone
Two tone $215
Two tone Mag floor plates $10 each
Disassembly/Reassmbly* $75
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Rifle Pricing

Single Color
Single color $185
Optics (includes base and rings) $95
Extra mags $15 each
Two tone
Two tone solid colors $265
Two tone mags $20 each
Two tone optics $130
Disassmbly/Reassmbly* $85
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*Disassembly and Reassembly are not required, you can bring us the parts to be coated but they must be completely disassembled.  This is general pricing and can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the model.


Due to the incredible array of different firearms, camouflage patterns and colors we recommend you contact us for a precise quote.  We will provide you with a detailed estimate to match your custom work.


If you like a pattern but want different colors or would like a new pattern created we can make it happen.  Feel free to contact us at sales@guncoat.com for more details and we can work out a time line and quote.


All parts are first degreased to remove all oils and solvents. We then blast all surfaces with aluminum oxide to ensure they are uniform and lightly sanded to take the coating well. All steel parts are then parkerized to ensure the coating adheres perfectly. The parts are then coated in the pattern or color of your choice and finished with a clear coat for better durability.


For a complete description of our coating process, please visit our COATINGS section

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